The Project

The Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation has been operating since it was formed at the Brisbane Multiple District Convention in May 1999. In that time, more than 1,730 children have been provided with mobility devices.

Government is a principal provider of funds to cerebral palsy organisations; however, these funds are directed to the most severely disabled children. The children we assist will never qualify for government funding.

Within seven months, our Club was involved with “Isaak” who flew to Sydney in December to be fitted with a Hart Walker. The family then flew to New Zealand to surprise his grandparents. What a Christmas present for the entire extended family.

Some time later, we asked his mother “Sharon” what Isaak’s mobility was like. “He’s hell on wheels in the kitchen, but I don’t mind, you see I have had a son for five years. Now, for the very first time, I have a little boy.” How can we ever put a price on this gift to Isaak and his family?!

Over the years, The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide has sponsored some thirteen other children. Three were personally funded by Past Club President, Martin Baily (deceased), when Club funds were inadequate.

Our funding allows our children independence. This independence will permit a majority to be self-sufficient.

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