We Serve The Community

Lions Clubs are part of community life, in metropolitan cities and in country regions. Clubs are easily identified by our distinctive Logo, the trademark of our International Association, and the ‘We Serve’; motto.

Lions Australia is part of an international association, filled with people who are joined by the common desire to make their communities better, by using their creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

Lions Clubs International membership currently stands at over 1.4 million in around 45,500 clubs in approximately 202 countries. During the year, individual Lions Clubs perform over 1,500 services each day in their local areas, bringing the association to a level of service never before known.

We are part of the greatest humanitarian service force that has ever existed.

What it means to be a lion:

Lions are men and women dedicated to serving those in need, whether in their own community or around the world. Membership provides an opportunity to meet and work with other individuals in a spirit of fellowship, striving toward a common goal of helping those in need. Through their mutual concern of others, members have the opportunity to improve both their local and world communities and develop valuable personal and professional skills.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing, 18 years and older.

Two more hands
One more member gives us two more hands to do service in our community.
Community Service
Lions are people who get involved in humanitarian efforts locally, nationally, and internationally.
People like you can find community service and volunteer opportunities in Lions through:
  1. Mentoring

  2. Leadership Development

  3. Medical Research Fundraising

  4. Disaster Relief

Our Club Meetings

Regular Meetings:
First Monday (6pm for 6:30pm) of each month.

Working Meetings (Members Only):
Third Monday (7pm) each alternate month.

For any other special meetings, the venue and times will be advised beforehand.

Why You Should Join Lions
Family Friendly
Family Friendly

Lions is family friendly and encourages family involvement. It’s a great way to teach our children about helping others.

New Experiences
New Experiences

Enjoy a wide range of experiences when working on different types of projects and participating in a variety of events.

Serve The Community
Serve The Community

Lions are committed to helping individuals, charities and organisations in the community where their help is needed.

Make New Friends
Make New Friends

Lions offers opportunities for members to meet new people and enjoy fellowship while volunteering in the community.

Make a Difference
Make a Difference

Collect recycled glasses, plant a tree, cook for the homeless … make a difference in people’s lives.

Develop Skills
Develop Skills

Learn and develop leadership and every day skills that you can share with others and use to help in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Lions

How much time is involved?

Lions is a “Community Service” organisation.  One of our motto’s is that we “make things happen”.  Local achievements are always satisfying and that’s why we volunteer.

This means that we DO want our members to participate in meetings and their fair share of community service activities. Lions say that family comes first, then work, and then the Lions Club.  Of course you need to think about your capacity to participate, but for most of us, a couple of hours of television time traded for community service is a worthwhile experience.

Why do I have to pay to join and volunteer?

Any volunteer organisation needs to provide services and support to its volunteers – training, insurance, promotional materials and the like.  As a democratic organisation, we also have some costs associated with our decision-making processes at International, National and local levels.

Did you know that when a member of the public makes a donation to their local Lions Club, every cent goes to where it was promised?  The club doesn’t take even 1%.  Compare that with other organisations.

Lions are immensely proud of the fact that we don’t take public donations to cover our operating costs – and its one of the reasons for our reputation in the community.

That’s why members pay a small amount in dues.

What does your Lions Club actually do?

The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide follows the Lions Code of Ethics and is part of an International Organisation.

Our members drive the projects and events that we participate in. We love to cook a good BBQ, raise money for charities and organisations, and provide assistance to the homeless. Our Club has many projects including feeding the homeless, supporting patients in South Australian hospitals, recognising children with disabilities and recycling glasses. These are just a few of the many projects/events we support.

Read more about our Projects

Why should I join your Club?

Our Club is progressive and is driven by our members and the projects and community events that our members are passionate about. We are a co-ed club and welcome both men and women.

Although we follow the rules and regulations of Lions organisation and several rituals that are a part of Lions history, we consider our club to be progressive and evolving to meet the needs of younger generations with a growing ‘younger’ member base. Our members work hard and have a lot of fun, and laughs, while working together as a team