The Project

Members of the Lions Club of the City of Adelaide love to cook a great barbecue serving only high quality tasty foods. We cook sausages, burgers, minute steaks, and can also provide salads, egg and bacon rolls, and much more depending on what the event requires.

We cook barbecues to feed the homeless, and support charities and organisations, and we cook and serve at events, including charity and corporate events, as well as cooking to raise funds for various causes and community projects.

Our Club Lion, Leonardo Di Lion, also makes regular appearances at events. Leonardo loves our BBQs and to have his photo taken with everyone. Keep an eye out for him.

All proceeds from our BBQs go towards our Club projects, community activities, charities and organisations. So when you see us out and about around Adelaide, and surrounding areas, please support us and in turn you will be supporting the community.

If you would like our Lions Club to cater for a fundraising or community event, corporate event or even a private party, please Contact Us or complete and return our  Event Request Form.

Community BBQ
Neighbourhood pop up bbq
Variety Bash Breakfast
Caltex BBQ
Central Markets BBQ