The Project

The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide has been a pioneer in the sale of Lions Christmas cakes in South Australia. Sales from our Christmas cakes and puddings see the profits going towards our community projects and donated to local charity organisations each year.

In addition, cakes are provided for Christmas and Easter hampers for the needy through such organisations as the Hutt Street Centre, and St Vincent de Paul’s Fred’s Van.

We are greatly assisted in our sales by a number of businesses who provide their branch outlets as sales points for our cakes. Our club is indebted to these organisations for their support as well as other businesses which support our fund raising efforts with cake sales.

Our Club currently sells:

  • Lions Christmas Cake with Tin
  • Lions Christmas Cake 1.5kg
  • Lions Christmas Cake 1kg
  • Lions Christmas Pudding 900g


Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings
Selling Lions Christmas Cakes
Where To Buy (Available in November)
  • Ashford Hospital – Ashford
  • Ashford Hospital – Reception
  • Australia Post Office – Walkerville
  • Bank SA – Castle Plaza
  • Bendigo Bank – Adelaide (Grenfell Street)
  • Bendigo Bank – Adelaide (Hutt Street)
  • Bendigo Bank – Adelaide (Waymouth Street)
  • Bendigo Bank – Glenelg
  • Bendigo Bank – Kilkenny
  • Bendigo Bank – Modbury
  • Bendigo Bank – Port Adelaide
  • Bendigo Bank – Salisbury
  • Bendigo Bank – West Lakes
  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank – Christies Beach
  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank – Morphett Vale
  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank – Unley
  • Blackwood Bowling Club – Blackwood
  • Cancer Centre – Tennyson Centre
  • Credit Union SA – Castle Plaza
  • Credit Union SA – Southgate
  • Electra Net – Adelaide
  • Forerunner Computer Systems – Walkerville
  • Health on Kensington – Kensington
  • Jones & Partners – Tennyson Centre
  • Mostyn, Goodwood & Loyalty Lodge – Goodwood
  • Police Credit Union – Marion
  • SA Heart – Ashford
  • Statewide Super – Adelaide
  • The Hub Gourmet Butchers – Aberfoyle Park