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Did you know there’s a lot more to blood than meets the eye?

Before donated blood reaches people in need, it goes through a complex process to ensure blood supplies remain safe. It is tested, then processed, before being sent to hospitals.

Every time someone donates blood, lives will be saved. But it’s not just blood you can donate when attending a blood donation appointment, you can also donate plasma and platelets.

The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide has several lion members that donate regularly and many who haven’t donated before. In 2021, a small group of our lions have chosen to create a Lifeblood Team to donate blood through the Australian Red Cross. More lions are set to join the team. Lions who donate blood together, save lives together.

Each time our Lifeblood Team donates, we will share this on our club’s Facebook page.

If you’d like more information on how you too can save lives through blood donation, please visit: and you can check your eligibility to donate too.


Club Lifeblood Coordinator
Andrew Stacey – 0410 544 748

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blood donation - andrew