The Project

The idea of the Hear Me Roar! Project came about when a Lion member came across a blog written by a woman undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She wrote about what she was going through, the support she received and items she was given that were useful or made her smile.

Having known several people who have fought through various illnesses, and knowing there are so many South Australians who do not have a big support network, if one at all, the Lion member started researching what she could do to help.

The original idea was to gather both useful items and items that would make people smile, pack them into care packs and deliver them. But the idea grew after coming across useful items and projects online from around the world.

The project grew to include multi-purpose cushions that are bright and happy and are there to help provide a bit of comfort to patients whether they are undergoing a particular treatment like chemotherapy, or just need something to help make them comfortable. Port Pillows also became a part of the project after reading about, and talking to, patients who find it difficult and/or painful wearing a seat belt.

This project took on a mind of it’s own. The project idea was presented to friends and fellow Lions at The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide. The project was accepted by members of the club in early 2016 … and the Hear Me Roar! Project was officially born and become a Club Signature Project. In 2017, an official logo was designed for the project.

In mid 2018, the project expanded to include supporting youth literacy for South Australia’s vulnerable and disadvantaged primary school aged children. And the project continues to expand. This was followed by expanding our reach with cushions and care packs being donated to various charities and organisations who support disadvantaged and vulnerable youth.

The Hear Me Roar! Project supports patients across South Australia, together with disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. 

Covid: During the pandemic, we are making headbands for nurses with buttons on the side to hook masks onto. This aims to prevent rubbing and build up behind the ears with the increased use of masks. We have also started making kids headbands for disadvantaged youth and library bags.

Our project is constantly expanding in what we offer and who we support. Stay tuned on social media for updates.

For more information, please contact:

Project Coordinator – Petrea Stacey
Phone: 0410 625 005

For more information for Schools, please contact:

School Literacy Coordinator – Beatrice Casbarra
Phone: 0413 620 150

hear me roar project logo
How Can You Help?

For the cushions and port pillows we need:

Material (100% cotton)
Stuffing (polyester fibrefill)
Sewing Cotton
People to spend time sewing and stuffing


For the care packs, we need items such as:

Travel Hand Sanitiser
Travel Tissues
Beanies and Scarves
Chewing Gum
Lollies & Chocolates
Body Lotion & Moisturiser (non-scented)
Books / Notebooks / Journals
Adult Colouring Books
Pens & Pencils
Lip Balm
Puzzle Books
Hand Held Games / Puzzles
Stress Balls
Sleep Masks
Soft Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Hear Me Roar Items
Hear Me Roar Items
Hear Me Roar Items
Hear Me Roar Items