The Project

The Club became aware of Fred’s Van in the mid 1980s when their first van was set up three nights each week in Currie Street Adelaide to provide food for the homeless and street kids (the van was near the office of a Club member).

Club members PDG Brian Carter and Dean Scott ascertained that Fred’s Van was an activity of St Vincent de Paul Society and after an approach to them the Club agreed to replace their very inadequate van. Through member contacts we were able to secure a very good van at a reasonable price and also provide some additional funds to fit it out. Hence the Club commenced a continuing association with Fred’s Van.

Since the initial involvement we have been instrumental in negotiating with the Government of the day to establish a regular site in Gawler Place (its current location). Through an approach to the Lions International Foundation (LIF) funds were obtained to build a kitchen in premises owned by St Vincent de Paul Society at Hawthorn and we provide additional funding from time to time to maintain the kitchen. The Club has also provided funding to purchase an additional van as the need for their services have expanded across the greater metropolitan area.

In the early 1990s we commenced providing barbeques twice a year on a Sunday evening, subsequently increased to four nights per year and then increased to bi-monthly. In 2015, our Club committed to this project on a monthly basis.

The clients of Fred’s Van look forward to coming because we provide a different meal for them.

If you have any enquiries regarding this project, please contact Lion Andrew Stacey on 0410 544 748.

Lions at Fred's Van