The Project

The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide has enjoyed a long and fruitful association with several of Adelaide’s welfare agencies. Notable among them, the Hutt Street Centre, a very active welfare mission of the Catholic Church, under the auspices of the Daughters of Charity.

This city agency is extremely active in fundraising, which enables it to continue to support many of the homeless, the aged, and those in need of the community.

Over the years, the Club has become increasingly involved with the Centre, offering regular assistance in support of some of the many and varied programs the offer the community.

These programs include sponsorship and preparation of breakfast on a roster basis, where the needy can enjoy a good start to the day with a cooked meal. Apart from the club’s participation, some of our Lions extend their involvement as individuals or corporate volunteers.

Donations of food, including Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings, and/or kitchen equipment are also given on an adhoc basis, or on request, a new automatic toaster being a past example.

Our Club Members enjoy working with the Hutt Street Centre’s capable staff, and are dedicated to continuing their physical and monetary support of this well-managed and supported organisation.

Hutt Street Centre Logo
Hutt Street Centre Breakfast