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The Lions Children of Courage Awards provide recognition to the many young people severely disadvantaged by a variety of life-threatening and/or life-altering disabilities. What these young people have achieved is truly remarkable and highlights the dedication of their parents and professional supporters (including speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, social workers etc.). Supporting institutions have stated that they highly value these awards as there are no other awards like this in South Australia.

Our Lions Club established these awards in 1989 to recognise the considerable efforts of children living with physical and/or mental disabilities or handicaps, their parents, and in some cases carers, to improve their life and enjoy some of the benefits that fit and healthy children take for granted.

After two years we asked our new daughter club, The Queen Adelaide Lions Club (the first all female Lions Club in South Australia ) to take over and conduct the awards however the Club folded after running the awards for two years. Since then our Club has conducted the awards every year.

To date, more than 670 children living with disabilities have been nominated and received awards. The vast majority of these award presentations have been made at Government House by the Governor in office. The recipients, their families and the organisations that support the Club by nominating recipients, have been very appreciative of being able to visit Government House and have the awards presented by the Governor. It is considered a very special occasion for these children and their families.


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Lions Children of Courage Awards
Children of Courage Awards 2013